Catena tapes out WiFi 11ac Transceiver in 28nm

After successfully taping out a high end 2x2 MIMO WiFi 11ac/ax front-end IC in 28nm at the end of 2015, Catena has now delivered its 1x1 SISO Dual Band WiFi 11ac transceiver IP for consumer applications.

This is compliant with the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards and designed for manufacturing in the TSMC 28nm HPC process, which makes it suitable for high-end applications like access points and wireless routers

The Catena 11ac RF Transceiver system targets consumer applications where, next to performance, die area efficiency and low power are key. It includes RF circuitry, AD/DA converters and digital signal processing and integrates a high power PA as well as RX/TX switches, reducing the BOM to a minimum and enabling efficient SOC integration.

Collaboration with CEVA as their Connectivity RF partner in the CEVAnet program, ensured an optimized solution of Catena's RF IP with CEVA's market-leading RivieraWaves digital baseband Wi-Fi platform.